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Embracing a bold approach to leadership is the key to mastering and strengthening dynamic, collaborative, and highly productive teams. 

Sally Allen specializes in corporate Mindset Coaching, and is dedicated to assisting upper and middle management to boost their confidence and lead high-performing teams.


The journey to bold leadership starts with understanding oneself and cultivating resilience and confidence.

Are you committed to continuous growth, consistently pushing the limits and striving for advancement?

I'm here to bring that vision to life. As a certified Corporate Mindset Coach, trainer, and speaker, I possess the expertise required to actualize your ambitions.

Picture a workplace where your team eagerly anticipates each day, where voices are empowered and assured.

Imagine fostering a culture characterized by transparency, self-awareness, and unwavering resilience – a genuine People-First Culture!

If this aligns with your goals, you've arrived at the right place. Utilizing my coaching methodology, I'll lead you towards this remarkable transformation.

"Over a period of years, Sally provided guidance that helped me develop the team that worked with me into a cohesive unit. Her unassuming demeanor puts people at ease, which enables an open, trusting dialogue that quickly engenders tangible results, and she is very inciteful. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach and trainer!"

Mark Dunn
Executive Vice President & General Counsel,
Baha Mar


Empowered through growth.

As a coach, I firmly believe bold and approachable leadership are the catalyst for fostering collaborative and high-performing teams.


Building approachable leadership involves utilizing active listening, strong emotional intelligence, master crucial conversations, overcome imposter syndrome and learning the art of networking. 

Utilizing these modalities, I will guide you towards expanding your horizons and nurturing an open mindset as these qualities are essential for developing strong and bold leadership and unlocking the full potential of your team.

Sally brings a unique blend of character, personality, and experience. I found real value in her experience navigating the C-Level blended with her natural ability to coach. Sally will have tough conversations. She'll give the raw feedback and practical applications. She'll do it all in a way that's encouraging and empowering.

Chris Rowe
Managing Director, APAC, Aristocrat Technologies

About Sally

Meet Sally Allen

Sally Allen an Author, Podcaster, and Mental Health Advocate.

She is respected as a credible Mindset Coach and leader. Sally has consistently earned a seat at the table wherever she has served. Her remarkable journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing her ability to rise above any challenges that life has thrown her way.

Sally's impact in the corporate world has been profound. She spearheaded comprehensive employee training and development programs, leaving a lasting mark on one of the world's largest gaming companies. Her vision and dedication also led to the creation of a global mentoring program, nurturing talent and fostering growth on a global scale.

Throughout her career, Sally has coached executives and countless mid to upper-level management leaders, imparting her wisdom and expertise. Her experience spans prestigious organizations such as Aristocrat, Ernst & Young, and Jefferies Group, where she worked closely alongside leadership, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change and development.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sally's true passion lies in advocating for abused women and children.


Sally's story serves as an inspiration, not only for her impressive career achievements but also for her unwavering dedication to helping others in need. Her journey exemplifies the power of resilience and the capacity to create positive change in both the corporate world and the wider community.

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